Concrete Construction in Woodland Hills

AGM Design And Build Inc provides a range of options and services for concrete construction for commercial and industrial properties in the Woodland Hills region. Our experienced and skilled concrete contractors begin with the removal of old concrete and lay the groundwork for a fresh and durable installation that incorporates a variety of solutions and practical benefits including decorative concrete options and overlays.

Concrete Installation Repairs and Replacement

As a licensed and experienced concrete company in Woodland Hills, AGM Design And Build Inc provides personalized services for a range of new concrete construction requirements including commercial concrete parking lot construction in addition to concrete crack repair.

Designed in accordance with industry guidelines and Woodland Hills building codes, AGM Design And Build Inc contractors construct commercial parking lots that include concrete slabs, joints, curbs, light poles and drainage facilities working in tandem that results in a streamlined installation. Our concrete experts begin with through consultations to determine the specific requirements of your industrial or commercial location and factor in the frequency of cars and truck traffic to ensure that pavement thickness and subgrades offer exceptional durability. In addition, our engineering specialists provide detailed planning specifications that take into account the distance from adjacent buildings in relation to drainage and foundations among a range of additional considerations.

Discuss your specific requirements with experienced local concrete contractors who carefully study and evaluate all pertinent concerns including Woodland Hills environmental and weather conditions to provide clients with maximum value and practical benefits.

Industrial Concrete Services in Woodland Hills

AGM Design And Build Inc provides licensed commercial concrete applications that include:

  • Concrete repair and removal and installation
  • Concrete slabs on grade including high rise structural slabs
  • Dolly pads
  • Concrete paving
  • Foundations
  • Concrete roadway cutting
  • Concrete and asphalt breaking and hauling

Signs That Commercial Concrete Should Be Removed:

Certain conditions warrant complete concrete replacement on your commercial or industrial property in Woodland Hills. When resurfacing and patching are insufficient as a long-term solution, AGM Design And Build Inc concrete contractors offer reliable and qualified recommendations for concrete repair and construction according to specific conditions which may include:

Deep concrete cracks – The weight of heavy vehicles, improper installation and a range of reasons may have resulted in settlement requiring professional concrete crack repair.

Concrete slabs subjected to frost – Common during the colder months, concrete slabs may begin to show signs of frost heave that occurs when moisture freezes resulting in uneven surfaces when concrete is pushed upward.

Concrete spalling – Chipped and pitted surfaces on concrete may be more cost effective to replace than to resurface, which can actually be more labor intensive in terms of preparation depending on the specific area and conditions of your commercial property in Woodland Hills.

Sunken concrete slabs – There are various reasons that contribute to sunken slabs including poor soil and loosened dirt in the preparation of the subgrade, water infiltration and moisture that becomes trapped beneath the concrete, lack of sufficient support sourced to the original installation and a compacted subgrade subjected to consistent pressure and extreme weight, among others. AGM Design And Build Inc specialists get to the root of the problem and provide cost-effective concrete repair solutions.

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