Stamped Concrete in Thousand Oaks

AGM Design And Build Inc specializes in stamped concrete installations that are customized for your commercial location in Thousand Oaks. Whether you require concrete stamped patio applications, or a commercial concrete stamped driveway or parking lot area, our certified experts create decorative outdoor spaces that offer the elegance and appearance of natural stone at an affordable rate.

What Are the Services I Can Expect From a Stamped Concrete Contractor Near Me?

The licensed and experienced decorative concrete contractors at AGM Design And Build Inc begin by pouring slab concrete for commercial drive through areas, walkways, patios and a range of additional spaces according to the requirements of a Thousand Oaks commercial location. The cement is left to dry for a certain time period and then carefully “stamped” with a variety of stamped concrete patterns. Today’s advanced technology allows clients to choose from remarkable simulations that closely resemble cobblestone, brick, slate, fieldstone and other natural stone surfaces. Stamped concrete can be designed to replicate just about any building material yet requires minimal maintenance. Consult with the knowledgeable AGM Design And Build Inc team to learn more about a full range of services and designs that include:

Stained Concrete – Unlike a solid application of paint, stained concrete results in lustrous surface finishes that can be adapted to blend in with existing architecture. Infuse paved surfaces at your commercial location with more than just painted color on concrete. When applied by a professional stamped concrete contractor, concrete stain can be designed to provide dazzling special effects in both interior and exterior applications for a range of businesses across Thousand Oaks. AGM Design And Build Inc is equipped to offer both acid and water based stains in a variety of color options suitable for many types of surfaces ranging from concrete flooring to commercial countertops.

Antique Stamped Concrete – Create an old world style atmosphere with stamped concrete designs that provide a European or Mediterranean flair in authentic looking travertine and antique cobblestone applications that perfectly mimic their natural stone counterparts.

Modern Stamped Concrete – AGM Design And Build Inc’s decorative concrete craftsmen can create uniform stamped concrete designs in a single pattern and bright colors that are perfectly suited to Thousand Oaks commercial property owners looking for a sleek and modern look. Discuss your business objectives for both function and form with one of our stamped concrete specialists.

Stamped Concrete Commercial Driveways – Enhancing your commercial driveway with decorative concrete options with the many natural stone replica options provides your business with a rich and sophisticated look that is also long-lasting and durable. Aside from the many textured and design options available, adding borders and color accents to start can help your stamped concrete project take shape. Skilled AGM Design And Build Inc specialists provide helpful and qualified guidance to ensure that your decorative concrete selections blend perfectly with existing architecture and in keeping with your budget requirements.

Stamped Concrete Patios – Benefit from the timeless beauty of a natural stone appearance that also offers exceptional weather resistance and long-lasting durability with colored concrete applications to commercial outdoor patios and lounging areas. Ask about concrete installations that simulate grouted stone perfectly for a sleek and sophisticated finish.

Contact AGM Design And Build Inc for information on the cost of stamped concrete applications by contacting our friendly team today.