Stained Concrete in Thousand Oaks

What is Commercial Stained Concrete?

AGM Design And Build Inc concrete staining specialists work closely with commercial property owners to bring their commercial concrete to life. We help commercial property owners discover how concrete staining can transform a business or industrial location from dull and ordinary to bright and beautiful with minimal disruption to daily business activity. Add texture tone and color to commercial concrete exteriors and interior concrete surfaces that not only modifies the concrete, but boosts your business image.

Selecting Your Stained Concrete Surfaces

Acid Wash Commercial Concrete Flooring - AGM Design And Build Inc craftsmen use concrete acid stain colors to create a marbled appearance that can be customized to create a unique ambience. Cost-effective and durable, acid wash concrete floors are easy to maintain and eliminate problems with airborne allergies and contaminants traced to commercial carpeting. Choose from a varied color palette of browns, reds, wheat, steel gray, amber, and vintage tan that can be altered and patterned specifically to match and enhance the decor of your Thousand Oaks location.

Metallic Epoxy Coatings - Impress clients, guests and visitors with sleek and polished concrete floors that have been finished with epoxy coatings that are as durable as they are elegant and highly suitable for busy and high traffic Thousand Oaks businesses.

Epoxy Urethane Flooring – For excellent abrasion, impact and chemical resistant, the licensed and experienced concrete specialists at AGM Design And Build Inc provide epoxy floor finishes that restore damaged commercial flooring and allow it to stand up to industrial dirt, grime, soil and impacts. Available in a variety of colors that add functional style as well as substance, our superior industrial concrete floor coatings are customized specifically for the food and beverage, medical, electrical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Polished Concrete Commercial Flooring

Strengthen and beautify commercial concrete floors with eco-friendly concrete finishes tailored to the requirements of your specific industry. AGM Design And Build Inc applies a precise process that begins with power cleaning to remove all debris to prepare for grinding before polishing applications. Our qualified Thousand Oaks concrete experts are equipped with higher grit diamond tools to professionally smooth out commercial concrete surfaces until they are perfectly level and ready for polishing. Specially formulated liquid densifiers are applied to achieve a perfected high gloss surface for exceptional polished cement and concrete finishing that combines both strength and sophistication.

Stained Concrete Expertise

AGM Design And Build Inc blends the best of functional concrete expertise with concrete staining techniques and concrete colors that revive and restore dull and dreary surfaces. Our experts are skilled at painting concrete surfaces using professional coloring processes achieved by the careful mixing of water-based solutions of acids and minerals to create a range of concrete stains and finishes tailored to your preference and requirements of your Thousand Oaks location.

Concrete Staining Cost

The cost of a polished concrete floor and or stained concrete varies depending on the area and exiting condition of the concrete surfaces at your Thousand Oaks location, as well as the type of stain and any special preparation requirements you may need. Contact AGM Design And Build Inc for a free estimate and for answers to any questions you may have.