Masonry Restoration in Thousand Oaks

Preserving and rebuilding the commercial and institutional structures of the past is AGM Design And Build Inc’s contribution to building a brighter and positive future for Thousand Oaks. Our licensed team of qualified masonry restoration experts provides certified brick mortar repair, stone repair and skilled historic masonry restoration services.

Historic Masonry Restoration

With extensive knowledge of the techniques used by stone masons of the past, AGM Design And Build Inc applies proven expertise and high-quality building materials to recreate buildings, structures and monuments according to the vision and ideas of our commercial clients in Thousand Oaks. Our committed team of masonry craftsmen provides qualified assessments for improved design that maintains a buildings inherent architectural beauty with modern and advanced masonry techniques. We work closely with a range of established heritage building professionals that include architects, engineers and conservators to create customized and detailed masonry restoration plans according to the highest industry standards.

A Complete Line of Masonry Restoration Services

In addition to basic and traditional masonry repair and repointing, AGM Design And Build Inc offers specialized restoration techniques that include, Dutchman repair, deep crack repair, stone replacement, coring and pinning that combine advanced stone preservation techniques with revamped traditional masonry methods.

Craftsmen and General Contractors

As a reputable and experienced masonry restoration contractor in Thousand Oaks, our commitment to aesthetic excellence is conveyed through the careful attention to detail and skilled millwork of our heritage masons and matched by our proficiency and experience as carpenters and general contractors. The AGM Design And Build Inc team covers all facets of building restoration that allows us to provide professional recommendations, execute and complete a wide range of commercial masonry restoration projects.

Masonry Stone Restoration - From stone walls to courtyards and commercial brick or stone patios, AGM Design And Build Inc specialists are licensed, insured and experienced with restoring and repairing all masonry including commercial building facades.

Brick Work – Our qualified craftsmen breathe new life into commercial stone or brick masonry buildings in Thousand Oaks in order to preserve their original architecture beauty and ensure structural safety.

Stucco Repair - Requires the skill and experience of a professional mason. AGM Design And Build Inc provides qualified restoration of stucco elements that are carried out according to precise manufacturer’s recommendations and strict industry regulations.

Safety Bollards – Protect your commercial building from collision damage with professional steel bollard concrete installations that include a selection of range of decorative covers.

Masonry Repairs

As a certified masonry repair contractor in Thousand Oaks, AGM Design And Build Inc also offers a full range of masonry repair services that include resetting of lose bricks, granite, or stone for any commercial structure. Our brick and stone masonry specialists are equipped to carry out repairs on every aspect from repointing and stone cutting of stone and brick joints, to through-wall flashing installation and foundation and chimney repair. Ensure your commercial building is watertight and protected from Thousand Oaks weather conditions with a complete line of masonry restoration and repair services that include:

  • All Brick and Stone Masonry Repair
  • Concrete Coping Stone Replacement
  • Building Facade Restoration
  • Brick and Stone Block Wall Repair
  • Brick and Stone Tuckpointing
  • Stone and Brick Sealants and Protective Coating
  • Brick Steps Repair
  • Driveway and Parking Lots
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Retaining Walls
  • Antique Brick Repair