Stained Concrete in Beverly Hills

Learn more about the cost-effective and business enhancing decorative concrete option available for your commercial or industrial environment in Beverly Hills from the stained concrete specialist at AGM Design And Build Inc. Our experienced and helpful experts offer inspiration and expertise within a range of concrete finishing solutions that are customized according to your specific requirements and industry needs.

Customized Concrete Staining

Staining concrete at your commercial location in Beverly Hills provides a unique effect that cannot be achieved through any other method. Much more intricate than merely painting concrete, commercial stained concrete applications infuse porous concrete surfaces with lustrous shades and tints that result in radiant finishes customized precisely through professional color mixing and technique. AGM Design And Build Inc craftsmen provide completely customized concrete finishes that range from smooth and functional polished cement floors suitable for a range of both industrial and commercial locations, to stunning acid wash concrete floor designs and decorative concrete refinishing that can replicate everything from natural stone to stained wood.

Concrete Acid Stain Colors – A standard mixture of acid and soluble metallic salts, acid based concrete staining saturates the surface of concrete producing a chemical reaction with the lime that results in an etched effect. Acid wash that is applied to a concrete floor becomes a permanent part of the concrete and does no flake or peel off like regular paint. AGM Design And Build Inc specialists provide a wide array of colors that include a palette ranging from rich browns and deep tans, to lush reds and lustrous blue-greens.

Water Based Acrylic Concrete Staining – Move beyond muted tones to a wider range of color choices that brilliant metallic tones and finishes with water based concrete stains blended with a combination of acrylic polymers and distinctive dyes. That also permanently stain concrete.

Concrete Dyes – An alternative to the permanent staining achieved with chemically infused acid based staining, AGM Design And Build Inc also offers concrete dyes that allow for simplified color penetration and a wider color section.

Polished Commercial Concrete

Ideal for a variety of industries in the Beverly Hills region ranging from food and beverage facilities to chemical plants, AGM Design And Build Inc professionals provide polished cement and polished concrete floor finishes services that offer a business owners as a viable substitute to granite, tile or linoleum in terms of durability and long lasting concrete performance. Choose from high gloss or satin finishes that are customized precisely for retail, office or warehouse locations that are customized in a range of design options.

Revive Concrete and Revitalize Your Business

AGM Design And Build Inc applies both techniques to revive dull and dreary concrete surfaces that also provide surfaces with improved durability suitable to both interior and exterior concrete stain applications. Commercial concrete staining offers versatile design possibilities that can be tailored to any budget. Discuss your options with our qualified staff for adding only hints of color, border accents or customized logo designs for unique branding options. Contact our Beverly Hills concrete experts for knowledgeable recommendations and detailed consultations regarding a complete line of decorative concrete services.