Masonry Services in Beverly Hills

Whether upgrading damaged and deteriorated stone exterior, or building solid new brick and concrete constructions, the licensed team of masonry workers at AGM Design And Build Inc provides qualified expertise in brick, block, concrete and natural stone restoration and construction that combine skilled craftsmanship with advanced technology for commercial building projects large or small in Beverly Hills.

Licensed and Insured Masonry Contractors

We are a fully licensed and insured masonry contractor equipped to restore the structural integrity of your commercial building with expertise that preserves its original architectural design using the finest materials that range from superior quality granite, limestone, marble and cut stone, to commercial concrete. For superior construction of flatwork, footers and poured walls completed by a team of skilled professionals, consult with AGM Design And Build Inc to complete your Beverly Hills building project on time and on budget.

A Complete Line of Masonry Services

Highly skilled with brick, block and natural stone constructions that include granite, limestone and commercial concrete, AGM Design And Build Inc masonry contractors and subcontractors are extensively experienced with:

Masonry Restoration – AGM Design And Build Inc craftsmen apply precise attention to detail when restoring damaged or timeworn block, brick and stone commercial exteriors in Beverly Hills and not only enhance the structural security of a commercial building, but preserve and enrich its original architectural beauty. Our specialists preserve natural stone using high quality and specially formulated mortars that provide superior facade enhancement and stabilization for stone elements of all types.

Masonry Repair – Extreme weather events and other forms of damage can wreak havoc on the stone exteriors of commercial structures and decrease their value and aesthetic appeal. Maintain your business image with AGM Design And Build Inc masonry specialists who offer professional assessments of any commercial building in Beverly Hills and provide property managers and building owners with extended maintenance programs to maintain building facades.

Masonry Construction – As a recognized masonry contractor in Beverly Hills, AGM Design And Build Inc works with reputable and recognized masonry subcontractors as well as a qualified team of architects, engineers, designers to build entirely new constructions in either brick, block, precast or natural stone for office buildings, retail outlets, hospitality centers, academic institutions and more.

Masonry Expertise You Can Trust

In addition to its in-house team of experienced masonry workers, AGM Design And Build Inc has developed long-standing associations with both general contractors and reputable masonry subcontractors in Beverly Hills to maintain the brickwork on building facades or handle new concrete construction developments from the design and budget planning stages, to an organized and efficient project completion. Property owners and managers can benefit from the expertise of fully trained and experienced masons who are qualified to handle every aspect of stone and concrete construction from water testing, to the laying of the foundation which ensures exceptional structural stability as well as cosmetic appeal.

Choosing a qualified masonry contractor will make all the difference in building maintenance and/ or new concrete and stone constructions in Beverly Hills. Whether you already have building specifications, precise plans, or require professional recommendations for your commercial property, AGM Design And Build Inc offers cost-effective budget proposals and free onsite estimates. Contact us today for more information.